Wide participation exchanging views on disinformation in the first SOMA workshop

The first SOMA High-level workshop on disinformation took place at the National Science Museum in Milan, Italy, on 20 March 2019.

Hosted by Pagella Politica, the workshop was an occasion for confrontation and exchange among stakeholders in the European fact-checking community, offering the chance to discuss some of the key topics in disinformation, including:

  • the spread of fake news and hoaxes across EU borders;
  • examples of collaborative actions in fact-checking in the EU;
  • fact-checking tools;
  • fact-checking and politics.


The event featured the participation of 80+ stakeholders of the media sector including 29 fact-checking organizations from 18 countries, as well as international academics, media professionals and other experts.


You may find the workshop’s agenda and speakers’ bios here


Speakers’ PPTs used during the workshop are available at the following link.