Truth is the first vaccination! Workshop of e-literacy against disinformation about Covid-19 in Europe

We are very excited to announce Luiss Data Lab and T6 Ecosystems (SOMA’s partner) are organizing the online workshop ‘Truth is the first vaccination! Workshop of e-literacy against disinformation about Covid-19 in Europeon May 21st, 2020 at 10:00 AM (CET).

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Greetings from Giovanni Lo Storto – General Manager University Luiss Guido Carlo

Coordinator of event, Gianni Riotta – Director of Luiss Data Lab, Rome, Dean of the Master of Communication and Digital Journalism, University Luiss Guido Carli



SARS-CoV-2: The origins of the new Coronavirus Pandemic

Video Presentation: “False news spreads faster”, Zeta Luiss Newsroom (Gian Marco Passerini and Natasha Caragnano, Master of Communication and Digital Journalism Students)



Mario Picozza, Neuroimmunology Research fellow, Fondazione Santa Lucia.


Prevention & Public Health: scientific prediction and Qualitative Data Analysis

Video Message of Walter Ricciardi, Professor of Public Health Univerity Cattolica of Rome, WHO Executive Board member, President elect of World Federation of Public Health Associations, Chair mission Board for Cancer European Commission.


Algorithms and Qualitative Data Analysis: Privacy and Innovation

Massimo Bernaschi, Technological Manager at the Institute for Calculation Applications (IAC) “M. Picone “of the C.N.R., where he is responsible for the technical-scientific activity of the” Technological Area.

Giuseppe Italiano, Professor of Luiss computer scientist, Ph.D. in Computer Science at Columbia University.

Video message of Alessandro Vespignani, Director and Sternberg Family distinguished professor of Boston Northeastern University and Network Science Institute,  American Physical Society Institute for Quantitative Social Science Harvard University and member of European Academy.

Guido Caldarelli, Full Professor in Theoretical Physics, PhD, President of CSS, LIMS, fellow. Living in Echo Chambers: The Importance of Data-Selection Criteria.

Jacopo Vergari, Master of Communication and Digital Journalism Student: The struggle against infondemic: How the Pandemic has changed the communication.


Pills of Truth: Data Analysis and Fact Checking the new tolls of journalism

Giovanni Zagni, Director of Pagella Politica


Luiss Data Lab shows evidence through research and key tool to face disinformation

Reports on researches and survey on the threatens of Covid-19 in the Information System:  how the virus Will Test Our New Way of life.


Andrea Nicolai, Ceo T6

Simona De Rosa, Partner and Senior researcher T6

Alice Andreuzzi, Luiss Data Lab Coordinator

Stefano Guarino, MSc and PhD in Mathematics Roma Tre University. Research fellow at CNR-IAC

Luca Tacchetti, Research Data Analyst

Emanuele Camarda, Data Scientist


Coronavirus is also a political issue: how do we manage the crisis?

Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary of State for Health and Social Care

Anna Ascani, Deputy Minister of Education


Global Infection: International overview

Yevgeniy Golovchenko, Phd University of Copenhagen, department of Political Science.


The economic impact: how the Coronavirus is rewriting the future of companies?  What is the European Strategy?

Video Message of Carlo Cottarelli, Director, Fiscal Affairs Department

Alessandra Lomonaco, Startup Advisor | Innovation Manager MISE | Co-founder Zheroo

Silvia Merler, Head of research Algebris Policy & Research Forum and Francesco Nespoli, Data Analyst Catchy Big Data, ADAPT Research fellow.



Alberto Rabbachin, Scientific project officer European Commission

Paolo Cesarini, General Director of Media Convergence and Social Media, European Commission.

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