The 1st SOMA public event is just around the corner

On March 20th, we need you in Milan!

International academics, media organizations, fact-checkers, and other stakeholders of the media sector are welcomed to participate in a one-day high-level workshop entitled “Disinformation Across Borders and How to Fight It.

The event is articulated in six sessions during which

  • we will focus on how the spread of the “information disorder” in the media ecosystem is threatening the well-functioning of the democratic apparatus in most contemporary societies.
  • we will demonstrate the technological infrastructure that is available to facilitate this effort of empowering a European Observatory against Disinformation
  • we will host an open discussion around the mechanics and practical operation of the Observatory.

Check out the agenda!

This is the first of a series of four high-level meetings that SOMA project team has planned that will focus on the spread of disinformation – or, better said, the “information disorder” – in the media ecosystem.

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The event is organized by  Pagella Politica, and will be held at the  National Science Museum in Milan, Italy.