SOMA @International Conference, Disinformation in Cyberspace: Media literacy meets Artificial Intelligence, in Athens

From November 9th to the 15th 2019, the Media Literacy Institute (MLI) and Journalists About Journalism are  organizing Media Literacy Week for the 3rd year in Greece, following the model of similar events by UNESCO.

This year’s Media Literacy Week will end on November 15, 2019 in Athens, with the conference ‘Disinformation in Cyberspace: Media literacy meets Artificial Intelligence’, held in the Institute of International Relations organized with the School of Applied Mathematics and Physics of the National Technical University of Athens and the Department of International, European and Regional Studies of Panteion University.

During this significant conference, Nikos Sarris Head of the Innovation Lab in Athens Technology Center (ATC),  and Coordinator of the SOMA project, will introduce SOMA and its effective strategies on tackling disinformation, in the session ‘Journalism and Disinformation in the AI era’,from 11.30 – 13.00.