SOMA Participated in the International Journalism Festival 2019 in Perugia

The International Journalism Festival (Perugia, Italy, 3-7 April 2019) hosted  the SOMA workshop entitled ‘What technology can do for fact-checking: practical examples from Europe’. Organized in association with Pagella Politica, the event took place on 3 April from 15.00 to 16.00 at the Hotel Brufani.

Giovanni Zagni (Pagella Politica) opened the workshop, introducing Pagella Politica and giving a brief overview of the SOMA project and its objectives. He explained the crucial role that technological tools for content verification can play in contrasting the spread of disinformation.

Barbara Sgarzi (Journalist) presented and gave a  brief explanation of the functioning of a number of useful tools for fact-checking, including:


The full video of the workshop can be found here (in ITA).

Speakers’ PPTs used during the workshop are available here.