SOMA at the International Festival 2019 in Ferrara, Italy

SOMA was present at the 13th edition of the International Festival a considerable journalism festival that connects journalists from all over the world and took place in the Italian city of Ferrara on 4th, 5th and 6th of October 2019.

The festival has brought to the table the issues of disinformation and fake news, and on the 5th of October a specific panel has tackled this issue considering the European Union as the perfect victim of false information. A spokeswoman from Pagella Politica, Camilla Vagnozzi, has attended this event. 

A Head of Representation of the European Commission, Massimo Gaudina, was present too, and expressed his concerns about the way the European Commission and other European institutions tackle information. He asserted the need of cooperation between political institutions and information disseminator, in order to refresh and renew the ways information is spread.

During this conversation, Camilla illustrated the SOMA Project in front of an audience of about a hundred people. She brought up the project as one of the ways with which the EU directly tackles disinformation, named all of the other partners of the project and listed the main goals of it.

Many questions were asked, and the SOMA project assumed a considerable importance during the conversation, as it is in fact a way to allow the European community to jointly fight disinformation and fake news.