Misinformation hunting: EUNOMIA’s first pilot is a competition! Participate to test your skills in spotting misinformation

Are you confident that you can always determine the trustworthiness of what you read on social media? However, what happens if you are not familiar with a topic? Can you still do it? Join Project EUNOMIA’s first pilot!

Sign up to the decentralized chapters EUNOMIA social media platform (powered by Mastodon) and try to find out the 10 trustworthy and 10 untrustworthy posts that EUNOMIA’s mischievous researchers will inject (based on the researchers’ scientific expertise) in a discussion of decentralized technologies between 5th and 14th October. For this very specific period of time and only, your selections will be recorded centrally by the project so that it can be determined who has got the most of these 20 correct by the end.

How to join EUNOMIA’s competition:

1.       Make a Mastodon account here.

2.       Log in to your account

3.       Click on “Local” and wait a moment for the “I trust this”, “I don’t trust this” buttons to appear (might take a few moments because it’s still early version)

4.       Decide whether you “trust” or you “don’t trust” the posts clicking the respective icon.


Find out more about our pilot here.