Meet Ellpap, the newest National Centre of Excellence against disinformation, launched in Greece!

Meet Ellpap, the newest National Centre of Excellence against disinformation, launched in Greece with the support of SOMA!

Online disinformation is a problem that crosses borders – both the national ones and the disciplinary ones.

The spread of misleading and false information too often poses risks to societies and individuals alike, undermining the public’s trust in news, threatening democratic institutions and even manipulating decision-making processes. It is therefore becoming more and more evident that a solution to the problem cannot be found without substantial international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We are very happy to announce the launch of the third National Centre of Excellence against disinformation, Ellpap, the Greek Observatory against Misinformation, an initiative led by four organizations with extensive experience in the field of media and technology, Athens Technology Center’s Innovation Lab, Media Verification team (MeVer) of the Centre for Research and Technology (CERTH), Ellinika Hoaxes and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Ellpap will have as main goals to:

  • provide reliable information to the Greek public about disinformation and unreliable online content
  • offer specialized knowledge and support to communication professionals and journalists on the available technological tools and methods for detecting / verifying false news and misleading content
  • promote Greek interdisciplinary research in the field of disinformation, and furthermore provide data and resources on the latest developments in relevant scientific fields of interest (analysis of social networks, artificial intelligence, etc.)
  • promote media and information literacy in Greece, in order to strengthen critical thinking and the ability of Greek pupils, students, and other social groups to analyze and assess online news content.

You can follow Ellpap on Twitter here.