Watch now online the Webinar “The Italian Infodemic: Lessons from fact-checking on Covid-19”

The webinar “The Italian Infodemic: lessons from fact-checking on Covid-19” on Thursday 4 June 2020 is now available online here.

Hosted by Pagella Politica in collaboration with fellow SOMA network member, the International Republican Institute (IRI), the webinar was addressed to SOMA members and partners of IRI’s Beacon Project. The talks revolved around the specifics of both political and non-political fact-checking at a time of sanitary emergence, the importance of international collaboration to counter cross-border disinformation, an overview of the tools made available by SOMA and IRI and how they can be used to perform collaborative investigations. Short presentations by three members of Pagella Politica’s team (Tommaso Canetta, Deputy Director; Camilla Vagnozzi, Head of Debunking; Silvia Cavasola,  Project Manager) and Nikos Sarris (ATC’s Head of technologies against disinformation), were followed by questions and discussion.

The webinar agenda is available here

The webinar was recorded, and the full video is available here.