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Mar 19,  · We recently had a customer who was trying to access there Geovision Server remotely, and when attempting to download active x controls he was getting an error that read “No Windows Permission To Download OCX” Solution: go into the windows start menu >computer > (C) >Program Files >internet explorer >iexplore. May 11,  · Hello, I am using windows 8 64bit. I keep on receiving “no permission to download ocx” When I tried to make changes following the instructions on. May 19,  · Have windows 7. Tried to download geovision active x controls. Was on my administrator account and entered in the correct password as requested. received message: No windows permission to download ocx. Have tried several times. Saw Bobs post from back in July on the same thing, and tried Daves advice, to no avail. Same results. Please advise.


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We tried adding a reboot between steps, but that didn’t help either. The steps below work consistently. An technical explanation why is given at the end. While there seems to be nothing physically wrong with the new OCX, we need to register another version to reset it. Here are the steps we discovered to manually repair this issue reliably and consistently:. You need Administrator rights to make registry changes. Depending on your operating system and Windows login rights, you may not be allowed to do this.

From your Windows Start button under, All Programs, Accessories, launch the Command Prompt by right clicking on it and choosing “Run as administrator”. OCX Common Control fails is because it doesn’t overwrite the legacy control’s registry on the machine.

Industry colleague, Andrew Rohm provides this nice explanation:. By installing and uninstalling the legacy control, it cleans up the 2. The offending registry that needs to be deleted is:. Thank you Andrew for sharing your insight! Microsoft has since provided an update to their page.

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You can watch more videos using Viewtron AI security cameras here. This topic is empty. Viewing 17 posts – 1 through 17 of 17 total. September 10, at pm Mike Haldas Keymaster. February 16, at pm Anonymous Inactive. Hello Tomas if you are running Internet explorer 8 try following these instructions.

May 24, at pm Hello I just bought a new laptop that has windows 7. I need to watch my shop while i am away. Also how do i access the geovision on my blackberry curve? May 25, at pm Amanda, If you are running Internet explorer 8 try following these instructions.

September 16, at am September 16, at pm Thanks James. September 17, at pm Thanks, Marty. October 28, at pm November 4, at pm November 5, at am