Why are we doing this
Disinformation is exploding by the day. The ’bad guys’ are too many and too powerful. We need to combine powers to have any chance of prevailing.
Why should you do this
To be part of a pan-European effort to rebuild trust. To learn from practices of colleagues.
To do your work easier.
Who can join
Anyone who can argue that they are part of the ‘good guys’. A quick background check is carried out for now, but soon specific rules will be agreed.
How can you join
By sending a short profile of your team and up to three email addresses to be registered. Webinars are frequently organized for training. Work will start immediately after this.

Not for private use. It is free for collaborating in the observatory

To the party who carried it out

Only as funder of SOMA. The EC will never intervene in your work

No. We will be working together but not control your work

No – we can all work together.

To be part of this and let us announce you as member. To allow us to publish links to your findings.

Not now. But terms will have to be set and agreed in this start period together with a core team of members.

This is up to you. Collaborating with others may mean less effort needed by everyone.

Not directly. But doing your work easier/faster can also bring financial benefit. Separate business model is also to be discussed later on…