“Fact Checking in the EU” conference

The European Parliament organized a conference regarding “Fact-checking European elections” in Brussels on September 27th- 28th, 2018. The intention was to discuss challenges and possible solutions to:

  • Fact checking European elections – lessons from the past, looking into the future
  • Working with data from social media companies and EU Institutions
  • Common areas of EU disinformation – the examples of migration and the EU budget
  • Practical cooperation among European fact checkers

During the “Fact Checking in the EU” conference, representatives of the SOMA Observatory team, had the chance to express their views on issues like fact checking during European elections, explore how social media companies and EU institutions currently work with data from social media companies and EU Institutions, and also discuss the need of practical cooperation among European fact checkers.


You may see the keynotes on demand by clicking here.