European Media Literacy Week 2019

The opening conference of the EU Week of Media Literacy will take place in Brussels on the 19th March 2019, gathering Member States representatives, audiovisual regulators, representatives of online platforms, media experts and journalists as well as other relevant stakeholders.

During the Conference, a group of young journalists or journalism students will be introduced to Truly Media , the collaborative verification platform employed by SOMA that allows crawling through social media content, aggregating it and assessing its trustworthiness.

About the Event

It is the main public event at EU level during the European Media Literacy Week. It will be hosted by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel and will bring together experts from the public and private sector from across the EU to debate the topic. Participants will discuss the role of public authorities and different stakeholders in promoting media literacy. Moreover, best practices in media literary across the EU will be presented. In addition, panellists will exchange on innovation in the media sector and the role of quality media content.


Photo by Matthew Guay on Unsplash