Debunk EU :‘Remnant of the Cold War: Kremlin related media undermines the relevance of NATO’

As seen in Debunk EU, in addition to the usual messages embedded in false and misleading content about the NATO, last February sought a rise of claims questioning the relevance of the Alliance.

In specific, associations were made that NATO is an unnecessary Cold War relict since the Warsaw Pact was dismantled three decades ago. Attention of Kremlin related media also fell on statements made during the meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence and Munich Security Conference. Moreover, allegations that nation-wide protests in Russia were coordinated by NATO countries were further amplified by claims from top Kremlin officials.

So what is the story?

As Debunk EU researchers explain, in February 2021, disinformation targeting NATO maintained stable levels with minor fluctuations observed in the first week of the month. Starting from February 8th, the number of hostile articles increased dramatically and reached its peak on February 11th, following the statements of Russian officials on the alleged involvement of NATO countries in coordination of the nation-wide protests in Russia. Throughout this period, the number of NATO-related disinformation articles almost twice exceeded the average of hostile articles published within the month, thus indicating the scale and importance attached by Russian side to these events.

You can read the analysis here.