COVID-19 and misinformation in the field of migration

In the new issue of ‘Migration Policy Practice the bimonthly journal for policymakers worldwide, published jointly by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and our member Eurasylum, you will find an exclusive article on COVID-19 and misinformation in the field of migration.

Currently, traditional and social media are flooded with new information and data on COVID-19, a crisis affecting almost all countries and territories around the world. As the pandemic expands, we are constantly witnessing more output on systemic issues, like its migration and mobility dimensions.

In specific, as Marie McAuliffe, Céline Bauloz and Adrian Kitimbo mention in ‘The challenge of real-time analysis: making sense of the migration and mobility implications of COVID-19 ‘, publishers of all types, from news outlets, journals, government authorities, social media platforms, think tanks, to UN agencies, are ‘under pressure to remain relevant and contribute knowledge by producing analysis on COVID-19’. As the authors mention, one thing is sure: the combination of high transmission and severity means that COVID-19 is forcing us all into unchartered territory.

This article examines the analytical challenges that COVID-19 presents, and furthermore investigates how we can make sense of these changes by focusing on existing knowledge and analysis to understand new evidence as it brought to light.

Last but not least, there is a brief survey of current output offered along with key initiatives and resources that have quickly emerged for policymakers, practitioners and researchers, all of whom will need to better understand and address COVID-19 for the months to come.

You can read the article here.