Call for papers : Nordic network on the study of online disinformation

Aarchus University, one the SOMA consortium members, would like to share their Call for Papers for a conference on online disinformation that will be held in Aarhus.

In particular , Aarchus University is actively participating in the Nordic Network on Disinformation (NORDIS) project, organizing a series of three workshops to be held as part of the initiative “Online disinformation: an integrated view”.

Within the context of Defining and Measuring Disinformation, the NORDIS project encourages submissions that address but are not limited to the following aims:

  • Operational definition of disinformation
  • Tracking disinformation propagation
  • Mapping and quantifying disinformation
  • Data access and format for measuring disinformation propagation
  • Methods for analysing disinformation at scale


Check out details here!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash