3rd EKOME MIL Webinar “MIL & Digital Skills”

The EKOME’s 3rd webinar, part of MIL Webinar Series will take place on Tuesday, April 6th, 15.00 Athens (ETT), through ZOOM and live streaming through EKOME Fcb (@ekomemedia), in partnership with UNESCO MIL Alliance Europe Sub Chapter Mediterranean Group.

In this webinar, we will explore how Media and Information Literacy is linked to Digital Skills from a creative point of view. This time, we have the honor to host Alex Le Voci Sayad, UNESCO MIL Alliance International Steering Committee co-chair, who will give us a MIL overview from Brazil. Alex will be joined by Alessandra Falconi, Head of Centro Zaffiria, one of the oldest media education centres in Italy, and Cristina Pulido, Serra Húnter Professor of Department of Journalism and Communication Studies from prestigious Autonomous University of Barcelona. EKOME MIL Webinars are moderated by Irene Andriopoulou, Head of Education Department of EKOME and UNESCO MIL Alliance ISC co-Secretary General and take place in English.

MIL Webinar Series are part of EKOME’s action plan on awareness raising and e-learning on media and digital literacy in partnership with Europe Sub Chapter Mediterranean Group for UNESCO MIL Alliance.

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