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We aim to support your work against disinformation with more resources to be used at your own will and with a wide community of experts to collaborate in specific tasks.

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Joining the EU Observatory against disinformation gives you access to powerful technological infrastructure based on the collaborative verification platform, Truly Media, assisting you in the laborious task of fact-checking online content.


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02 Apr: Covid-19 and 5G: what happens when hoaxes find each other?

In the same way of legitimate news outlets, disinformation websites have a tendency to focus again and again on some beloved topics. One of these is the idea that 5G technology is harmful to human health, a claim that is has been repeatedly debunked.

16 Mar: New analysis on Covid-19

In recent weeks, a series of false news on Covid-19 – a disease that has originated in China and that is now spreading around the entire globe – have been circulating on social media and disinformation websites.

06 Mar: Fighting pseudoscience with citizen science

Our civilization has benefited tremendously from the discoveries and breakthroughs in fundamental science. However, citizens remain largely ignorant regarding the nature of modern scientific discoveries..

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