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We aim to support your work against disinformation with more resources to be used at your own will and with a wide community of experts to collaborate in specific tasks.

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Joining the EU Observatory against disinformation gives you access to powerful technological infrastructure based on the collaborative verification platform, Truly Media, assisting you in the laborious task of fact-checking online content.


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16 Apr: Debunk EU: Baltics and Ukraine targeted for refusing Sputnik V, with social media amplifying false messages

As global COVID-19 vaccination programmes get into the full swing, information regarding any shortcomings…..

16 Apr: Debunk EU :‘Remnant of the Cold War: Kremlin related media undermines the relevance of NATO’

As Debunk EU researchers explain, in February 2021, disinformation targeting NATO maintained stable levels with minor fluctuations

15 Apr: DisInfoNet: the new SOMA toolbox for data collection

DisInfoNet is the new SOMA toolbox for data collection and analysis to combat the phenomenon of disinformation.

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