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We aim to support your work against disinformation with more resources to be used at your own will and with a wide community of experts to collaborate in specific tasks.

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Joining the EU Observatory against disinformation gives you access to powerful technological infrastructure based on the collaborative verification platform, Truly Media, assisting you in the laborious task of fact-checking online content.


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01 Jul: Town Hall Webinar: What is SOMA and what can it do for you?

We are very excited to announce that on July 8 and on July 10 at 11.00 CEST, we are organising a Town Hall webinar in order to help SOMA members understand the objectives of the network and its potential fields of activity.

12 Jun: Watch now online the Webinar “The Italian Infodemic: Lessons from fact-checking on Covid-19”

Hosted by Pagella Politica in collaboration with fellow SOMA network member, the International Republican Institute (IRI), the webinar was addressed to SOMA members and partners of IRI’s Beacon Project.

09 Jun: Is it true that Italy was the «first major European country» to adopt a contract-tracing app?

On June 1st, the Italian government released Immuni (meaning “immune”), the national contact-tracing application developed to track and halt the spread of the new coronavirus.

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