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We aim to support your work against disinformation with more resources to be used at your own will and with a wide community of experts to collaborate in specific tasks.

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Joining the EU Observatory against disinformation gives you access to powerful technological infrastructure based on the collaborative verification platform, Truly Media, assisting you in the laborious task of fact-checking online content.


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11 Nov: SOMA participates in the “Disinformation in Cyberspace: Media literacy meets Artificial Intelligence” Conference

The Media Literacy Institute and Journalists About Journalism are organizing for the third year the Greek Week for Media Education.

08 Nov: Call for Papers: Applying Machine Learning for Combating Fake News and Internet/Media Content Manipulation

Nowadays, information found online is not always reliable, because digital content may be manipulated, and its spreading could be also used for disinformation.

06 Nov: DisA, a significant workshop about disinformation will take place at ICCS 2020 in Amsterdam

The workshop is organized during the International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS), from June 3rd-5th 2020 in Amsterdam.

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