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Public Deliverables

Public Deliverables 
D2.1 Evaluating Safe space solutions including data management and processing setups 1st sectionComing soon
D2.2 Research Data exchange (and transparency) solutions with platforms 2nd sectionComing soon
D2.3 Outlier (disinformation) detection solution 3rd sectionComing soon
D2.4 Evaluating Distributed scalable information cascade analysis 4th sectionComing soon
D3.1 Social media Observatory GuideDownload
D3.2 Algorithms of Data Intelligence, Complex Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence for the Observatory AI DrivenComing soon
D3.3 Data Intelligence toolkit descriptionComing soon
D3.4 Data Intelligence toolkit v1Coming soon
D3.5 Data Intelligence toolkit v2Coming soon
D4.1 EU Platform for Social Media InnovatorsComing soon
D4.2 Report on the centers for excellence studies on online disinformationComing soon
D4.3 Media Literacy Workshop Series & ReportsComing soon
D4.4 Media Literacy Public ActivitiesComing soon
D5.1 SOMA impact assessment methodologyComing soon
D5.2 Impact assessment resultsComing soon
D5.3 The measure of online disinformationComing soon
D6.1 Project websiteDownload
D6.4 Dissemination report V2Coming soon
D6.5 Final sustainability planComing soon


Press Release #1 The SOMA Project kicks off in AthensDownload
SOMA Newsletter - #1 issue - Jan 2019Read Online