What does this involve?

The observatory will support experts in their work against disinformation providing them useful infrastructure and connection with a wide community of experts to collaborate in specific tasks.

How will this work?

Experts will continue their work as usual. In fact, joining the observatory will provide them with more resources to use at their will.

Is it for me?

We welcome

Fact Checkers

media organizations


social media innovators

policy makers

Who leads this effort?

 Following the European Commission Communication on tackling online disinformation, SOMA (Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis) has been launched to provide support to a European community that will jointly fight disinformation!

Athens Technology Center, a tech expert on fighting disinformation. ATC actively develops content verification tools, like Truly Media and TruthNest, thanks to research financed by the European Commission and funding from Google’s Digital News Initiative.

Pagella Politica

Pagella Politica, an experienced fact-checker dedicated to verifying claims made by politicians and public figures, using publicly available or specifically requested data, facts and figures.


LUISS Guido Carli, an international research centre focusing on social media, data science and digital humanities. LUISS Data Lab will offer its unique expertise into enriching existing tools with more functionalities and algorithms.


Aarhus University, an expert in big data collection and applied machine learning on social media data. Member of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Disinformation. Aarhus will contribute to the mapping of existing solutions on disinformation modelling.


T6 Ecosystems srl, a consulting and research SME with extensive experience in participating and co-ordinating national and international research and innovation projects. T6 will develop an impact assessment methodology to quantify and measure the impact of disinformation.

What are SOMA project expected results?

The Observatory
A network of experts monitoring online disinformation
Media Literacy
Dedicated training programs
2 national centres for research around disinformation
Impact assessment
A methodology to assess the impact of verification tools and media literacy strategies
Establishment of the Source Transparency Index (STI)
Roadmap for best practices in content verification


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